Stream Town Seattle Rumble for 3DS is going West

Arthur Mackie   September 27, 2016   Comments Off on Stream Town Seattle Rumble for 3DS is going West

Follow the tale of a hot-blooded secondary school student known as Kunio and his friends. When a dubious group goes into Seattle to try to take it over, it’s up to this self-proclaimed “fighter for justice” and his friends to make sure the roads stay safe! Impact, punch, use weaponry such as football paintballs, metal knuckles, stores, and even bikes to affect some sense into those devious group members.

Natsume will launch Stream City: Seattle Rumble on Manufacturers 3DS stateside later this season, the founder exposed on Tweets. Seattle Rumble will be the first 3DS launch to make it international in the Kunio-kun sequence, best known for River City Tokyo Rumble activities like Accident ‘n the Boys: Road Task and Stream Town Ransom.

The activity, designed by Arc Program Performs, will be usable at E3 2016, Natsume confirmed; further launch information will also be declared then. Seattle Rumble is a slot of Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun SP, a side-scrolling beat-em-up that came out in Asia returning in 2013. It utilizes retro-style 2D sprites รก la the mature records, making it a acquainted experience for lovers of the 30-year-old sequence. Observe a clip above for an guide to 2013’s unique Japanese people launch.

In respect of that birthday, Japanese people Kunio-kun lovers can get an modified slot of 1986’s Stream Town Ransom on 3DS. Arc Program Performs will launch Stream Town Ransom SP in Asia this July, presenting new goes and design for the unique NES activity. A stateside launch has not been verified, although Natsume’s statement shows that Seattle Rumble will function as European fans’ birthday activity.

It was just a few several weeks ago Natsume verified it was providing Stream City: Seattle Rumble to the US and European countries, and now we know when we’ll be able to get our practical it. The founder verified on Tweets the activity will launch in both areas this Sept. While a particular launch time frame was not described, Natsume does anticipate the time frame to be the same on both major regions.

Not to be wrongly identified as last June’s Stream Town Ransom SP, Seattle Rumble is based on Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun SP which was initially launched in Asia returning in 2013.